4 blogging mistakes that prevent the growth of your business

The blog is a wonderful way to deliver value to your prospective customers. It lets you develop yourself as an authority in the niche. You should blog keeping your business goals in mind. A good content marketing plan should bring you thousands of new prospects and customers. You should avoid the following mistakes in blogging.

Not directing readers to a landing page

Blog posts are not sales pitches. Your posts must be free and high-value resources that will help the readers solve their problems. But you need to wear the shoes of a marketer as well. You should think of growing your business. You should leverage your blog for the growth of your business. You should direct the blog readers to a dedicated landing page. This can lead to more conversions. Setting up landing page can be a game changer for your business. You should make your landing page very targeted, share similar content, explain about your service and offer something special to the blog reader.

Spending a lot of time writing

It takes a long time to write a blog. You need to spend time in writing, editing and formatting. You should spend enough time promoting your content. You should research and compile a list of the influencers that your target audience might follow; develop relationships with those influencers; send these influencers a draft of your blog post before you release them so that they can give you feedback. You can also ask the influencers to spread the word.

Making signing up too complicated

Your sign up process must be very simple. You must have a prominent sign-up form so that your readers can view it. You try different locations to place your sign up page and see how it affects your conversion rates.

Allowing people to forget about you

You should make sure that your readers hear about you regularly. With regular posts, you can keep your readers engaged.

It is very common for people to make mistakes when they are doing something for the first time. Blogging is still something new to many businesses. You should try to avoid the mistakes just mentioned when blogging.

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