5 ways to make money by blogging

People are making money by writing blogs. If you are still wondering how they do it, then here are some tips for you. These are the ways you can make money by blogging.

Putting donation button

Some blog may not be right for monetization. So, it will be difficult to earn from the blog. You can add a donation button to your page. You can give names like ‘ buy me a coffee’ or ‘buy me a beer’ instead of writing ‘donation.’ Readers can send you specific amounts through Pay Pal or other means.

Affiliate Products

If you have an active mailing list community, then you can use affiliate products. If you can keep in touch with your community on a regular basis, then it will be easier for you to sell them the affiliate products. Some products will pay you 80% commission. You should do research and find out which product to sell.


Through Google AdSense, you can have a certain area of your blog reserved for advertisement. Your blog must have keywords that have high online commercial intent.

Amazon Reviews

You can include reviews of amazon.com products throughout your blog. An interesting thing about this review is that the reader not necessarily has to buy what they clicked for you to get a commission. If the reader goes back to Amazon and buys an entirely different product within 24 hours of clicking the link you provided, then the credit goes to you, and you get paid for it.

Sell your products

If you have lots of viewers who like your content, then you can sell your products on the site as well. By selling your product, you won’t need to share the profit with anyone.

So, now you know how to make money by blogging. Start your blog today, choose something interesting to write on, get lots of audiences and start earning money!

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