Is Garcinia Cambogia good for you? This has been the common question people always ask to someone currently using it or to someone planning to buy one.

People with problems in excess weight and body fat are counting on the help that Garcinia Cambogia gives. The supplement is determined to work so well, which is also advocated by Dr. Oz and called it as the “holy grail of weight loss.” Despite the fact, many are still skeptical about the pros and cons of taking Garcinia Cambogia and often asking if the supplement is good for them or not. On this post, we will identify if the solution is good for you and help you lose pounds of weight in just 30 days.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is the latest supplement used to help the people with their weight loss mission. It is the extract from a certain tree that is otherwise known as Malabar Tamarind or Kudampuli, a tropical fruit that can be found in some parts of Africa and Asia. The tree naturally grows, and in South India, people are using it as their sour flavoring additives to the sea foods.

The tree extract is not that popular when it comes to weight loss, but it is known to have multiple health benefits once used to heal the ulcer, to promote healthy digestions, and to help relieve any arthritis-related pains. In terms of weight loss, the extract is comprised of fruit, which has just the right blend of fruit’s ingredients in order to accelerate the weight loss.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Works? 

Garcinia Cambogia mainly works in two different ways. First is it suppress your appetite so you can eat less while aiding your body in breaking down the fat cells. And the other one is it effectively works by blocking the enzymes called citrate lyase, the one responsible for the carb conversion into sugar and fats. This simply means that the consumed fats don’t really get to make it to the cells but instead excreted with the waste. When it comes to weight loss, this method is known to be highly effective. And it known to help you lose weight in just a month.

Of course, people will ask if there is any scientific guarantee or evidence to these claims. The fact is, there is! The Garcinia Cambogia is containing HCA, which in the lab testing is proven to lower your appetite and stop the fat absorption from the foods.

To Whom Garcinia Cambogia is Not Good?

Now that we know Garcinia Cambogia effectively works for people wanting to experience weight loss, we will now see if to whom it is not good.  Garcinia Cambogia pills side effects can vary from person to person and you will want to consult your physician before trying to use them.

Certainly, there is no testing done yet if Garcinia Cambogia is good for pregnant women or not. But obviously, pregnant and breastfeeding moms are not recommended to use any weight loss supplement at this stage. In addition, people with heart-related problems are not advised to take Garcinia Cambogia.

So, is Garcinia Cambogia good for you? If you’re an average person want to lose weight, then YES. But if you have a medical condition, NO. Seek medical advice before using Garcinia Cambogia to make sure if it is good for you.

5 Mistakes People Make When they Do Their Own Web Design

There are plenty of free website building platforms on the web at present. Most business owners are not knowledgeable of the best practices for web design and they create ineffective websites as a result. Frankly, rather than go it alone, it is better to call on a Surrey web design.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when designing their own websites (and why you need a Vancouver web design company).


  1. Blocks of Text


Have you ever noticed that, on the web, most text is broken into paragraphs containing three (or fewer) sentences? There is a good reason this is the case. Despite your temptation to write at length about your beloved business, blocks of text are harder to read from a screen than from a book.


If you use overly long paragraphs online, you run the risk of having your visitors click away because your site is “TL;DR” (“too long; didn’t read”).


  1. Visited Links Don’t Change Color


It is easy to get lost on the web and visited links tell your prospective customers how to get back to where they were. If you do not set links to change color after they have been visited, your customers may look elsewhere for the information they wanted to begin with.


  1. Forced Opening of New Windows or Tabs


People hate sites that open multiple windows or tabs. This disdain for all things pop-ups has led to the advent of the pop-up blocker. When a pop-up breaks through the blocker, visitors typically get really mad, and they bolt from your site.


  1. Use of Flash Animations


Flash animations on sites, aside from being so “2002”, have the additional adverse effect of slowing down your site’s loading time. Most other sites today have all but totally abandoned Flash animations, thus making them load quickly. Visitors to your site will expect yours to load just as quickly, so cut the Flash to save on load time.


  1. Not Mobile Friendly


Not all web pages automatically translate to mobile browsers. That means your web design should  be specifically designed for mobile browsing. A huge part of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile, so this is one factor that you cannot afford to miss.


Need help from a local web design expert? Click here to discuss your specific needs with a respected Vancouver web design company.

DIY Remedies for Water Damage in your Home

The first response to water damage in Burbank should always be calling in a specialist. The extent of primary water damage and potential secondary water damage can be severe, costing you thousands of dollars in repair and restoration. However, there are instances when you have to take some measures yourself. Also, it would take the specialist a few minutes at least to reach your place and to take immediate steps to contain the water damage in Burbank from Restoration Services.


  • Turn off the power from the mains and look for the source of the leak and plug it. If it is a leaking pipe, try to fix it with whatever you can get a hand on. Use old clothes, duct tape, shut the valve, turn off the pump or the mains and empty the overhead tank if possible. Faulty appliances must be immediately disconnected and removed. Try to get to the source of the water damage in Burbank and respond with alacrity. The objective is to prevent further water damage. Whatever volume of water has already accumulated cannot be prevented but further flooding should be averted.



  • Try to get rid of the pooled water, as much as you can. Use buckets or any large container you have, load them up and throw the water out. If you cannot load the buckets or large containers, then use pieces of old clothes, towels and other fabrics to soak up the water from the floor and squeeze them out onto the buckets or containers. Try to get rid of as much water as you can.


  • Disconnect all appliances and move them up if they are in contact with water. Raise all your furniture up if you have the means. Else, you can pile one piece above another to save most while only one or two would remain directly exposed to the water damage in Burbank. Once you have got rid of the pooled water, you should use dry towels or clothes to clean all the furniture and appliances. Some appliances would be easier to clean but some furniture will already have soaked in the moisture, especially wooden furniture. A dry towel wouldn’t be able to extract the moisture out of wood.



  • Open the doors and windows, let the natural air dry up the indoors, disinfect your home and use any kind of portable heating device you may have to dry sensitive small appliances. You would not be able to dehumidify your home so you have to call the experts in for restoration after water damage in Burbank.





Top Real Estate Blog of 2016

Best Real Estate Based Blog In Austin Texas

Housing blogability has been a huge hit with the housing boom in Austin over the last few years, and is a three part cocktail.  When you hear industry insiders talk about housing affordability indexes, they are referring to ratios that take into account current mortgage interest rates, housing prices and local income data.  The data is used to determine how affordable the median priced home is for the “typical family” in the region. The higher the indices, the more affordable the real estate is determined to be.

Since 1981, the national affordability index has been 124.8 (mean).  Which is nuts!

At the end of the month of June, the housing affordability for the Austin region sat a 138 compared to 149 in June 2013 and 167 in June 2012.  The last time that housing affordability in Austin fell below 140 was in October 2008, immediately following the Wall Street crash.

This years top Real Estate Blog goes to a better known Austin Based Realtor – Sarah Williams Real Estate Blog that goes over all sorts of interesting articles on the subject.

Affordability peaked in January 2012 when the indices showed that median household income in the Austin area was close to two times (197%) greater than qualifying mortgage criteria for a median price home.  Its been a pretty steady decline ever since, given the acceleration of market demand.

When you strictly look at the Austin housing market through the lens of two and a half years ago, the prognosis seems slightly grim (for buyers anyway).  The prevailing argument in the median recently is that housing in Austin is quickly getting too expensive for the average local resident. But again, let me put things into perspective.

When I purchased my current home in May of 2008, mortgage interest rates were right around 6.25%.  Can you even remember those days?  Certainly, my home has appreciated in value since then and I’d probably be lucky to purchase it now for 20% more than what we paid back then.  Even using a 20% increase in home value for basic calculations, when you factor in the difference in interest rates (6.25% then and 4.10% now), the monthly principle and interest payment in 2014 (at the higher price) is still almost $100 less than it would have been at market interest rates in 2008.  Not to mention, our household income has increased as well.  In essence our home is more affordable now than it was 6 years ago at a lower price. Rates do matter that much.

So what does this mean for the average homebuyer?  It’s easy to look at where prices have been and where they currently are and say, “this market is not for me.”  And for some people that is absolutely true.  I’m actually one of them.  We bought a house that would accommodate our growing family for a number of years and we are completely content with where we are.  But that’s not true for everyone.  Life changes and often necessitates a move up or a move down.  Sentiment might be that it’s wise to wait until the market cools down (by the way, I think it is and most people don’t realize it yet) so as to now “overpay” in a strong cycle.  At the end of the day though, you need to look more at affordability.  What happens if prices decline by 5% but rates tick up even .5%?  You guessed it, it’s a wash.

Mortgage Market Update

A year ago, mortgage interest rates stood at 4.57%.  At the beginning of the year, 30-year fixed rates hovered around 4.5% and sentiment amongst economists was the rates would continue to climb.  Surprisingly, that has not been the case. In fact, as of this publication, national websites are showing rates slipping to 4.12%.  Are buyers ignoring this opportunity? It’s a great time for a rate lock.

How We Can Help You

The summer is always a precarious time for folks thinking about making a move.  Typically it’s either one of two extremes: rush to get settled before school starts or I don’t even want to think about doing anything until after school starts.  The good news is that there is still plenty of time to achieve your real estate goals in 2014 if you have any to begin with.

If you are considering a home sale, I’d appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you and walk through the current market value of your property. If you are looking to buy or purchase an investment property, let me show you the best places to look and find just the right property. Drop me a line and lets have a quick meeting to discuss strategy.

5 ways to make money by blogging

People are making money by writing blogs. If you are still wondering how they do it, then here are some tips for you. These are the ways you can make money by blogging.

Putting donation button

Some blog may not be right for monetization. So, it will be difficult to earn from the blog. You can add a donation button to your page. You can give names like ‘ buy me a coffee’ or ‘buy me a beer’ instead of writing ‘donation.’ Readers can send you specific amounts through Pay Pal or other means.

Affiliate Products

If you have an active mailing list community, then you can use affiliate products. If you can keep in touch with your community on a regular basis, then it will be easier for you to sell them the affiliate products. Some products will pay you 80% commission. You should do research and find out which product to sell.


Through Google AdSense, you can have a certain area of your blog reserved for advertisement. Your blog must have keywords that have high online commercial intent.

Amazon Reviews

You can include reviews of products throughout your blog. An interesting thing about this review is that the reader not necessarily has to buy what they clicked for you to get a commission. If the reader goes back to Amazon and buys an entirely different product within 24 hours of clicking the link you provided, then the credit goes to you, and you get paid for it.

Sell your products

If you have lots of viewers who like your content, then you can sell your products on the site as well. By selling your product, you won’t need to share the profit with anyone.

So, now you know how to make money by blogging. Start your blog today, choose something interesting to write on, get lots of audiences and start earning money!

4 blogging mistakes that prevent the growth of your business

The blog is a wonderful way to deliver value to your prospective customers. It lets you develop yourself as an authority in the niche. You should blog keeping your business goals in mind. A good content marketing plan should bring you thousands of new prospects and customers. You should avoid the following mistakes in blogging.

Not directing readers to a landing page

Blog posts are not sales pitches. Your posts must be free and high-value resources that will help the readers solve their problems. But you need to wear the shoes of a marketer as well. You should think of growing your business. You should leverage your blog for the growth of your business. You should direct the blog readers to a dedicated landing page. This can lead to more conversions. Setting up landing page can be a game changer for your business. You should make your landing page very targeted, share similar content, explain about your service and offer something special to the blog reader.

Spending a lot of time writing

It takes a long time to write a blog. You need to spend time in writing, editing and formatting. You should spend enough time promoting your content. You should research and compile a list of the influencers that your target audience might follow; develop relationships with those influencers; send these influencers a draft of your blog post before you release them so that they can give you feedback. You can also ask the influencers to spread the word.

Making signing up too complicated

Your sign up process must be very simple. You must have a prominent sign-up form so that your readers can view it. You try different locations to place your sign up page and see how it affects your conversion rates.

Allowing people to forget about you

You should make sure that your readers hear about you regularly. With regular posts, you can keep your readers engaged.

It is very common for people to make mistakes when they are doing something for the first time. Blogging is still something new to many businesses. You should try to avoid the mistakes just mentioned when blogging.