Heading to the Bahamas? Here are some things you should do on your vacation


Dreamlike beaches, white sand and plenty of sights to see – that’s the shortest description of what you can expect from your trip to Bahamas. For years, it has been a quintessential relaxing vacation spot for many tourists around the globe. Due its beautiful landscapes and beaches, Bahamas attracts tourists with an everlasting charm.


However, not everything is related to the beauty – there are many activities you can experience while you’re staying in Bahamas, and here’s a list of things you should definitely try out.


An island getaway – start your amazing Bahamas experience with Rose Island getaway. The best way to do it is by taking Sandy Toe’s Rose Island getaway, a half- or full-day excursion from Paradise Island to this cosy white-sanded island nearby. If you choose an all-inclusive package, you will enjoy domestic beverages and buffet lunch with additional live entertainment, snorkeling and kayaking.


Virgil’s Real Barbeque – another great way to spend your Bahamas Vacations is to get the taste of the local cuisine. Bahamas are known for its unique flavors, the result of Caribbean tradition and Western influences. Their specialties include barbeque meat, stews and seafood based meals that are causing an alarming need in almost every hungry tourist. Release your senses and enjoy in locally brewed beer and other delicious specialties from Bahamas cuisine.


Don’t leave before you taste conch – deep-fried, tasty conches is another trademark in the Bahamas. Platters of fried fish, grilled lobsters and shrimps is something worth enjoying – and the taste is not like any other you sensed before.


Mahogany House – although it’s a newcomer to the Bahamas culinary scene, Mahogany House already establish itself among tourists and local food lovers. The elegant interior is decorated with wood, stone and pendants giving its open-plan dining room a Mediterranean looks. Below the stairs you will find a secret wine cellar that can be used as a private dining room.


Thunderball Grotto – don’t miss a chance to go to Thunderball Grotto, a top snorkeling and scuba diving destination for new and the old tourists alike. Its epic fame is the result of its appearance in two James Bond movies. If you’re an experienced snorkeler, you won’t have problem to find your way through this amazingly mysterious place, but if you’re a novice, make sure you plan your way out.


Christ Church Cathedral – a great place to start a relaxed afternoon. This 17th-century cathedral will make a perfect sightseeing spot, especially if you don’t mind long walks. Its exotic design seems like out of place, even for culture so diversive as Bahamas. Make sure you take time to enjoy this architectural beauty while you’re there.


Segway experience – did you know that it takes only 15 minutes to master a segway? Don’t be lazy – spend the time to learn how to run it because it will give an another dimension to your vacation on the Bahamas. Explore the unspoiled, seldom-side of this amazing place and get the experience of a lifetime.


Souvenirs – no vacation can be possible without local souvenir shops. Local art or handmade products are the best present to bring from your vacation. The most popular ones are handmade soaps, soy-wax candles and ceramic tableware.


Junkanoo – winter time on the Bahamas is reserved for a rich tradition of festivals and Junkanoo is the one you will be urged to visit. You will enjoy their costumes and decorations made months before the actual festival – a lavishing, over the top experience that will find its place in your memory.