DIY Remedies for Water Damage in your Home

The first response to water damage in Burbank should always be calling in a specialist. The extent of primary water damage and potential secondary water damage can be severe, costing you thousands of dollars in repair and restoration. However, there are instances when you have to take some measures yourself. Also, it would take the specialist a few minutes at least to reach your place and to take immediate steps to contain the water damage in Burbank from Restoration Services.


  • Turn off the power from the mains and look for the source of the leak and plug it. If it is a leaking pipe, try to fix it with whatever you can get a hand on. Use old clothes, duct tape, shut the valve, turn off the pump or the mains and empty the overhead tank if possible. Faulty appliances must be immediately disconnected and removed. Try to get to the source of the water damage in Burbank and respond with alacrity. The objective is to prevent further water damage. Whatever volume of water has already accumulated cannot be prevented but further flooding should be averted.



  • Try to get rid of the pooled water, as much as you can. Use buckets or any large container you have, load them up and throw the water out. If you cannot load the buckets or large containers, then use pieces of old clothes, towels and other fabrics to soak up the water from the floor and squeeze them out onto the buckets or containers. Try to get rid of as much water as you can.


  • Disconnect all appliances and move them up if they are in contact with water. Raise all your furniture up if you have the means. Else, you can pile one piece above another to save most while only one or two would remain directly exposed to the water damage in Burbank. Once you have got rid of the pooled water, you should use dry towels or clothes to clean all the furniture and appliances. Some appliances would be easier to clean but some furniture will already have soaked in the moisture, especially wooden furniture. A dry towel wouldn’t be able to extract the moisture out of wood.



  • Open the doors and windows, let the natural air dry up the indoors, disinfect your home and use any kind of portable heating device you may have to dry sensitive small appliances. You would not be able to dehumidify your home so you have to call the experts in for restoration after water damage in Burbank.