5 Mistakes People Make When they Do Their Own Web Design

There are plenty of free website building platforms on the web at present. Most business owners are not knowledgeable of the best practices for web design and they create ineffective websites as a result. Frankly, rather than go it alone, it is better to call on a Surrey web design.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when designing their own websites (and why you need a Vancouver web design company).


  1. Blocks of Text


Have you ever noticed that, on the web, most text is broken into paragraphs containing three (or fewer) sentences? There is a good reason this is the case. Despite your temptation to write at length about your beloved business, blocks of text are harder to read from a screen than from a book.


If you use overly long paragraphs online, you run the risk of having your visitors click away because your site is “TL;DR” (“too long; didn’t read”).


  1. Visited Links Don’t Change Color


It is easy to get lost on the web and visited links tell your prospective customers how to get back to where they were. If you do not set links to change color after they have been visited, your customers may look elsewhere for the information they wanted to begin with.


  1. Forced Opening of New Windows or Tabs


People hate sites that open multiple windows or tabs. This disdain for all things pop-ups has led to the advent of the pop-up blocker. When a pop-up breaks through the blocker, visitors typically get really mad, and they bolt from your site.


  1. Use of Flash Animations


Flash animations on sites, aside from being so “2002”, have the additional adverse effect of slowing down your site’s loading time. Most other sites today have all but totally abandoned Flash animations, thus making them load quickly. Visitors to your site will expect yours to load just as quickly, so cut the Flash to save on load time.


  1. Not Mobile Friendly


Not all web pages automatically translate to mobile browsers. That means your web design should  be specifically designed for mobile browsing. A huge part of all Internet traffic now comes from mobile, so this is one factor that you cannot afford to miss.


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